• A Piece of Chicago History

    We recently came across this beautiful mahogany workbench, which turned out to have a special bit of history behind it. This piece was salvaged out of the historic Oscar Mayer mansion in Evanston, Illinois. Oscar G. Mayer Sr. lived in that house from 1927 until he passed away in 1965. The city of Evanston has since turned the mansion into a historical landmark. You can see the workbench by following the link below...

    Oscar Mayer Mahogany Workbench

    Now I think I could use a hotdog! 



  • Lighting The Way

    We see plenty of industrial style lighting come in and out of our shop, but nothing beats the style of an O.C. White. The Massachusetts based O.C. White Company is considered the oldest industrial lighting manufacture in the world, and is known for the quality of their fixtures. An easy way to recognize one of their lamps is to look for the iconic "knuckle" joints.
  • What Inspires Us

    Sometimes it's something as simple as the view out of our front door that gets me in the groove and ready to get down to work. Hoping for some good picking this weekend (and kinder weather to do it in)!
  • We're Gonna Need A Bigger Warehouse

    Here's a small look at our haul this latest weekend. I don't know if I could even look at another factory stool for quite awhile! Check these bad boys out in our new wholesale section, perfect for furnishing large spaces
  • Factory Carts

    Can you believe that you could buy these carts from the factory for only $7? These used to be absolutely everywhere but now they are getting harder and harder to find. It's amazing what you could get for a stack of 10's.

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